Which properties are present in a table that represents an exponential function in the form y-b* when b > 1?. As the x-values increase, the y-values increase.II. The point (1, 0) exists in the table.III. As the x-values increase, the y-values decrease.IV. As the x-values decrease, the y-values decrease, approaching a singular value.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Properties that are present are Property IProperty IVStep-by-step explanation:The function given is  [tex]y=b^x[/tex]  where b > 1Let's take a function, for example,  [tex]y=2^x[/tex]Let's check the conditions:I. As the x-values increase, the y-values increase.Let's put some values:y = 2 ^ 1 y = 2andy = 2 ^ 2 y = 4So this is TRUE.II. The point (1,0) exists in the table.Let's put 1 into x and see if it gives us 0y = 2 ^ 1y = 2So this is FALSE.III. As the x-value increase, the y-value decrease.We have already seen that as x increase, y also increase in part I.So this is FALSE.IV. as the x value decrease the y values decrease approaching a singular value.THe exponential function of this form NEVER goes to 0 and is NEVER negative. So as x decreases, y also decrease and approached a value (that is 0) but never becomes 0. This is TRUE.Option I and Option IV are true.