Translate the following word problems into equations and solve.1. Four less than twice a number is ten. Find the number. 72. Three more than three times a number is one less than two times the number. What is thenumber? -43. The sum of seven times a number and the number is 24. What is the number?4. Negative 18 is the sum of five and a number. Find the number.5. Negative 14 is equal to ten minus the product of six and a number. What is the number?6. Two less than twice a number equals the number plus 12. What is the number?7. The difference between three times a number and 31 is two. What is the number?8. Sixteen is fourteen less than the product of a number and five. What is the number?9. Eight more than twice a number is four times the difference between five and the number.What is the number?10. Three less than twice a number is three times the sum of one and the number. What is thenumber?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. Step-by-step explanation:1. 2x-4=10 2x=14 x=72. 3x+3=2x-1 3x-2x=-1-3 x=-43. 7x+x=24 8x=24 x=3(4. 5+x=-18 x=-18-5 x=-235. -14=10-6x 6x=10+14 6x=24 x=46. 2x-2=x+12 2x-x=12+2 x=147. 3x-31=2 3x=2+31 3x=33 x=118. 5x-14=16 5x=16+14 5x=30 x=69. 2x+8=4(5-x) 2x+8=20-4x 2x+4x=20-8 6x=12 x=210. 2x-3=3(1+x) 2x-3=3+3x 2x-3x=3+3 -x=6