Prism A is similar to Prism B. The volume of Prism A is 4320 cm3.What is the volume of Prism B?A.) 34,560 cm3B.) 2160 cm3C.) 1080 cm3D.) 540 cm3

Accepted Solution

Alright, lets get started.Prism A and prism B are similar to each other.Suppose the dimensions of prism A are : l, w, hSo, the volume of prism A = [tex] l*w*h [/tex]The dimensions of prism B are half of prism A.Means , the dimensions of prism B will be : [tex] \frac{l}{2} , \frac{w}{2} , \frac{h}{2} [/tex]So, volume of prism B = [tex] \frac{l}{2}* \frac{w}{2} *\frac{h}{2} [/tex]So, volume of prism B = [tex] \frac{1}{8} * (l*w*h) [/tex]volume of prism B = [tex] \frac{1}{8} * [/tex] volume of prism Avolume of prism B = [tex] \frac{1}{8} * 4320 [/tex]volume of prism B [tex] = 540 cm^{3} [/tex] : Answer option DHope it will help :)