in response to rising concerns about identity theft the number of models of paper shredders a company manufactures increased approximately steadily from 2 models in 1998 to 36 model in 2008 what the average rate of change ​

Accepted Solution

Answer:The average rate of change ​is m = 3.4 models of paper shredders per yearStep-by-step explanation:The rate of change m of a function is: [tex]m = \frac{f(x_2)-f(x_1)}{x_2-x_1}[/tex]In this problem the function receives a variable x = year and returns a variable f(x) = models of paper shredders We know that for [tex]x = 1998[/tex], [tex]f(x) = 2[/tex]We also know that for [tex]x = 2008[/tex], [tex]f(x) = 36[/tex]. Then we can calculate the average rate of change using these values. [tex]m = \frac{f(2008)-f(1998)}{2008-1998}[/tex][tex]m = \frac{36-2}{2008-1998}[/tex][tex]m = 3.4[/tex]