Clara estimates that the length of a hiking trail is 5.75 kilometers. She later learns that its actual length is 6.25 kilometers.What is the percent error in Clara's estimate, to the nearest tenth of a percent?A. 7.7%B. 8.0%C. 11.0%D. 11.5%I think it is D. 11.5%, but I am not sure.

Accepted Solution

5.75 is 92% of 6.25. Meaning that the answer is B. 8.0%. To figure this out you simply need to take her estimate, 5.75, and put it in fraction form, with the denominator being the actual total, 6.25. So it would look like this. 5.75/6.25= 0.92. 0.92 equals 92%. Subtract 92 from 100 and you get 8%